About Self-bliscipline

cropped-cropped-cropped-dew-drops.jpgThe art
of maintaining balance

We read and roam the world through books, stand in awe before nature’s beauty, love and are loved more than we deserved, watch and weep and get enraged, create and painstakingly take part. It’s all now part of who we are.

More recently, we’ve integrated a deep sorrow into our lives, carved upon our psyche by the way the world is tilting. Our recognition of what human activity is doing and yet can do to this beautiful planet weighs heavily upon us. It threatens to stifle our enthusiasm for life or wells up in a loud and angry activism that sometimes seems to make no difference at all.

This site brings together our deepest passions – social justice and the activism that it demands – with the things that attend to our well-being and allow us to flourish even in a world gone crazy. ¬†Self-bliscipline is the art of maintaining balance. The articles will share perspectives on the issues that face us and balance them with activities and practices that can heal us. Indigenous rights and photography; climate justice and vegan baking; spousal assault and listening to music; internet addictions and mindfulness – all of it needs to balance out or we’ll go crazy. And crazy isn’t very effective.

If you’d like to guest post something here or if you’ve read something you think should be mentioned. Add your activism to our calendar so that people can be where they need to be when. And know you are not alone. Never were. Never will be.



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