An Ant’s Perspective

We see the world from an interesting perspective and one that we don’t readily acknowledge. For most of us, the world just is. It is where we live. It is where we shop, where we engage with one another, where we have our conversations, our families, our loves. And we see it from a perspective that rarely changes throughout the whole of our lives, taking place as it does from the vantage point of our eyes which, for most of us, only move an average of five feet off the ground. For our whole lives.

Sure, some of us get to fly above the earth and are granted a perspective a privileged few generations have known. And some explore beneath the earth’s waters, a whole other world most rarely see.

But what if our perspective were changed every, say, month or so? What if we had to see things differently? Were forced to take on someone else’s point of view? Or, perhaps, even that of an ant. antIt is highly likely that you and I would completely freak if we were suddenly faced with the realities insects deal with on an every day basis. Literally, mountains out of molehills and cliff faces out of – what is that, anyway? Goldenrod? Who knows?

ant croppedThe point is, we often feel overwhelmed with what is actually quite normal to us. It is when we put ourselves in someone else’s position for awhile, shift our perspective, dream, or let ourselves imagine somewhere else, that we get the perspective we really need. It may tell us that our lives are a mess and it’s time to starting cleaning things up. Or it may tell us we’re fortunate beyond imagining and that it is still time to start cleaning things up.

Wherever a shift in perspective takes you, it will bring you back changed. More calm? Maybe. But changed, for sure.

Go ahead. Try it. Imagine a day as an ant.

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